What is PhpBB and why should you use it?

PhpBB is a web-based application which is designed to be used as a Forum, Discussionboard or Messageboard.

You will find some websites hosting a Forum for you for free. However most of those services are unreliable and full of advertising. I would really recommend you to install the forum on your own hosting account.

There are a lot reasons why I would recommend you to use PhpBB. Discuss with your visitors offering them a platform for them to talk to each other, keep in touch with people, share ideas, get ideas from other people and more. PhpBB is the most used forum engine and simply works.

The PhpBBFAQ.org website and the E-Book don’t go out to professional Web-Developers but go out to every day users like me just wanting to build a website with a Forum on it. They will guide you through all the steps from installing the PhpBB Forum on your server to setting up and using your Forum.

I myself don’t know much about codes and stuff but there are people knowing less and those are the people I’d like to help here.

I hope you will enjoy my website.

Kind regards,
- Cédric

PhpBB FAQ - Tutorials, Tips and Tricks

Basic web knowledge base - Here you will find all the basic informations you must know if you want to start building a website or are already building one...

Basic HTML Codes knowledge base - Here you will find some very useful HTML Codes knowledge...

Hosting and FTP applications
What is a hosting? Which hosting is the best? What is an FTP client? Why do I need it? And how does it work?

Using HostExcellence

Installing a PhpBB Forum
What are the minimum requirements to install PhpBB? How do I install or update a PhpBB Forum?

Setting up your Forum
How do I setup my PhpBB forum? How do I create Categories and Sub-forums?

Styles or themes
Where can I find more templates for PhpBB? How do I install them?

Customizing styles or themes
How can I personalize my Forum? How can I change the logo at the top? How can I change URL the logo goes to when clicked? How can I change the footer?

Background image
How can I have an image as the background of my forum?

Integrating the forum into your website
Which is the best way to integrate the PhpBB Forum into my WordPress, iWeb, RapidWeaver, ... created website?

RSS Feeds
How can I keep track of what is being written on my Forum? How can I get notified of a new post?

My Forum is full of spam messages, how can I avoid that? How can I get rid of spammers? How can I prevent it from being hacked?

Backup and retrieve
Available soon

Available soon

Statcounter and Google Analytics
Is there a way of tracking visitors activity? How can I know how many visitors my website or forum has? Where they come from and which pages they’re looking at? What about Statcounter and Google Analytics?

Music and audio
How can I add some music to play on my Forum?

The best music players

Popup windows
How can I add popup windows to my Forum?

Empty blank page
How can I have an empty page? How can I have a totally blank page with no theme or template on it? I would like to start with a page with just nothing on it! No styles, nothing!

If you would like to see an example of what the forum could look like have a look at one of my forums by clicking here. Please do not use it for your testing purposes. Thank you!

This website is hosted by HostExcellence

If you’re looking for a good hosting I would really recommend you to use HostExcellence since I’m using it for my own websites. I think that’s already a pretty good reason. I know that it’s working great and that their customer support is great too. They are definitely on the good side of the jungle. Also I think it’s really easy to use.
HostExcellence currently mainly offers two hosting packages:

Basic Plan

Recommended for:

People who plan to build only one website.


- Toll free support
- Unlimited space
- Unlimited monthly datatransfer
- 50 MySQL (1GB total)
(used for WordPress, Forums, ...)
- 1 free domain
- 1 dedicated IP address,
and more...

For 3.95$/month (click to sign up)

Unlimited Business Plan

Recommended for:

People who plan to build multiple websites.


- Toll free support
- Unlimited space
- Unlimited monthly datatransfer-
- Unlimited MySQL (10GB total)
(used for WordPress, Forums, ...)
- 3 free domains
- 15 dedicated IP addresses
and more...

Note: more IP addresses make your websites being much more stable and reliable.

For 7.95$/month (click to sign up)

I’m currently using the Unlimited Business Plan since I have a lot of websites which I store on one hosting account. To me it’s really worth it. I barely ever run into problems and if I did their support was most helpful. Since I know how HostExcellence works I could give you better support if you run into problems with my FAQs.

Here you will find some basic instructions and FAQs I wrote on using HostExcellence...

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