Setting up your forum

How do I setup my PhpBB forum? How do I create Categories and Sub-forums?

Here I’m guiding you through the process of setting up your Forum step by step.

Chapter 1: General board configuration
Chapter 2: Creating Categories and Sub-forums

Chapter 1: General board configuration

Once you installed the Forum and hit "Login" you get redirected to the Administration Control Panel

Otherwise login to your forum go to the bottom of the page and hit Administration Control Panel and you will have to confirm your password to access the Administration area.

Go to Board configuration and Board settings
Enter your site's name, a short description and set the timezone and other stuff. In the end hit Submit.
Proceed to Board features and set it up as you want.
Also have a look at the other sections to see whether you want to change something or not.

Chapter 2: Creating Categories and Sub-forums

Once you did the general setup work go to Quick access and choose Manage Forums

To remove and add Categories and sections to the Forums (subforums).

You will already find already some info

Delete it by clicking the white cross in the red circle.

Enter the name of a Category and hit Create new forum

Under Forum type choose Category
Enable active topics select Yes

Hit submit at the end of the page and you will see the following message:

Hit Set permissions (which is also really important)

What now follows here is how I am used to set permissions. Of course it's not an as-is law, you can change the settings as you want.

At the bottom right corner select Administrators and hit Add permissions

From the dropdown menu choose Full access

then hit Apply all permissions and Back to previous page

And it will show up in another field called "Manage groups"

Go through the same process for the other Groups:

Bots=>Read only access
Moderators=>Full access
Guests=>Read only access
Registered users=>Standard access + polls

Back to "Forums" (in the menu on the top)

Hit your Category's name
Enter a name for a Sub-forum of the Category and hit Create new forum

Add a Description
Under Copy permissions from choose the Category you want to add the Sub-forum to.
List Subforum in parents forum legend=>Yes

Hit Submit at the end of the page.

Back to previous page.

Add other sub-forums for the Category or add a new category and so on...

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